Good Morning, Bath Middle School!


Photos Courtesy of Soggy Dog Designs

From Students & Parents

"I could hear the cheering at the Middle School as I walked into the Y this morning. I could hear horns honking, loud cheering and lots of clapping. This is an amazing thing you are doing for this community and BMS!! Way to go!"

"Ty AGAIN for uplifting young people in my life, who need it greatly!"

"Dropping my daughter off at the Middle School today was an amazing experience for all of us. Thank you for your care for our community!"

"My husband, Mike and I did not know what was happening at the BMS this morning, until my husband did some investigating on-line with the Coastal Journal. We kept hearing happy cheers rising in waves every time someone arrived at the Bath Middle School.The neighborhood, on Judkins Ave. was loud with supportive rounds of cheers beginning promptly at 7AM, a great sound to wake up to and start our day. Not to mention getting all those adolescents to be up and super supportive so early in the morning. BRAVO, YOU MATTER!!"

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