Compass After School Program

Afterschool Programs

Thanks to a grant from the Maine Department of Education, our new 21st Century Community Learning Center provides a variety of “out-of-school” learning experiences to Bath Middle School students four days a week. From playing charades to building Rube Goldberg machines, students have an opportunity to learn in hands-on, interactive ways.

Using a highly collaborative and mindfully coordinated approach to support the whole child with academic success, and complete physical and social-emotional wellness, Midcoast Youth Center, in collaboration with RSU1 and community partners, will deliver critically-needed afterschool and summer programming for eligible youth to:

  • create a culture of mattering, ensuring each student feels significant and finds success through youth leadership and mentoring from caring adults;
  • improve physical/mental health through accessible recreational activities, yoga and mindfulness;
  • improve academic performance through support/enrichment from highly qualified educators;
  • explore interests with diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math enrichment (STEM) and access to visual and performing arts;
  • strengthen student families through prevention programming and adult educational opportunities.