Letter to Bath City Council

Dear MYC Community,

We are seeking City of Bath residents who believe in our mission to read the attached letter and consider adding their name and help us advocate for funding that has been significantly reduced at a time when the needs of our youth have significantly increased.

To add your name to this letter, please send an email to by Monday, May 10.

We also encourage you to contact your local City Council representative to encourage them to reconsider this significant reduction in funding.

To contact the Councilor in your Ward, please use the chart below.

CouncilorWard (click to view map)EmailPhone
Aaron Park (Chair)Ward 7apark@cityofbath.com207-442-7950
Jennifer DeChant (Vice Chair)Ward 5jdechant@cityofbath.com207-442-8486
Elizabeth DingleyAt Largeedingley@cityofbath.com207-844-0083
Julie AmbrosinoAt Largejambrosino@cityofbath.com207-504-4533
Phyllis BaileyWard 1pbailey@cityofbath.com207-443-1573
Sean PaulhusWard 2spaulhus@cityofbath.com207-751-7760
Terry NordmannWard 3tnordmann@cityofbath.com207-442-8022
Raye LeonardWard 4rleonard@cityofbath.com207-751-2414
Susan BauerWard 6sbauer@cityofbath.com207-751-4541

If this is an Emergency

Dial 911

If you or someone you know is in crisis

Call or Text 1-888-568-1112
Maine Statewide Crisis Line

If you are currently outside of the State of Maine

Dial 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

text HOME to 741741

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