Good Morning, Morse!


From Our Students & Parents

“This was so nice!”

“As someone who has struggled with mental health, thank you for doing this!”

“Totally made my day!”

"Yesterday was amazing!! My son has been struggling lately with his disease, health issues and loss of friends so this was such perfect timing for him. He also got met by officer Reece, whom he loves, at the back door along with another officer! Officer Reece made him feel very special as he hugged him and told him he mattered! THANK YOU!"

“Several students have mentioned how sweet it was and what a nice way it was to enter school this morning. I showed the video in my advisory and it prompted
discussion about how we perceive our own value.”

Maria Morris, JMG, Morse High School

“Thank you for organizing the event this morning. It was awesome for our students, and I think it was also positive for the community members present.”

Patrick Manuel, Superintendent, RSU 1


“This morning was truly amazing and our students are still beaming with joy as they head to block 6. You accomplished more than you could have imagined. Even the skeptics had to admit that it was a great way to start their day.”

Jay Pinkerton, Principal, Morse High School

Thank You to our Event Sponsors!