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Higher than State Average

In Sagadahoc County, 30% of High Schoolers indicated they felt sad or hopeless for two weeks or more. 21% of Middle Schoolers indicated they had seriously considered suicide.

2017 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey


Youth Anxiety Facts

"Anxiety is a gateway disorder that leads to increased risk of depression, school failure, substance abuse and suicide.

We have gotten very good at helping individual children and adolescents in need; now we need to get better at identifying the vast majority that never get help, or even know how and who to ask for it."

2018 Children's Mental Health Report - Child Mind Institute

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What if...

youth had daily opportunities to have their voice heard, be leaders in their community, connect and engage in meaningful ways outside of school?

youth were connected daily to a strong network of mentors trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid who could identify a teen in crisis and connect them to help when it's needed most?

parents had a place to turn, people who could help them navigate a complex mental health system?

schools had a community partner providing additional physical, social, emotional, and academic support to students?

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what students want

What Our Students Say

In 2015, on the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey, less than half of students in Sagadahoc County reported they felt as if they mattered to their community.

We spent two months engaging with student groups in Middle School and High School. They were passionate about wanting more opportunities to feel more connected to one another and more connected to their community.

Cost and complex paperwork requirements for scholarships are barriers for many students & families to gain access any existing programs.

the BIG idea

MCA provides engaging afterschool programs and complete access to community resources, to improve youth problem-solving and coping skills, enhance self-esteem and sense of purpose, and provide meaningful connections.

The focus of MCA is the transition of the Meetinghouse & Skatepark into a bona fide community center for youth in Sagadahoc County, Brunswick & Harpswell  - a trauma-informed, restorative youth community center that supports local students & families.

The new center encourages healthy physical, social, emotional, and academic development.

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