MYC becomes 21st Century Community Learning Center

Thanks to a grant from the Maine Department of Education, our new 21st Century Community Learning Center provides a variety of “out-of-school” learning experiences to Bath Middle School students four days a week. From playing charades to building Rube Goldberg machines, students have an opportunity to learn in hands-on, interactive ways.

Using a highly collaborative and mindfully coordinated approach to support the whole child with academic success, and complete physical and social-emotional wellness, Midcoast Youth Center, in collaboration with RSU1 and community partners, will deliver critically-needed afterschool and summer programming for eligible youth to:

  • create a culture of mattering, ensuring each student feels significant and finds success through youth leadership and mentoring from caring adults;
  • improve physical/mental health through accessible recreational activities, yoga and mindfulness;
  • improve academic performance through support/enrichment from highly qualified educators;
  • explore interests with diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math enrichment (STEM) and access to visual and performing arts;
  • strengthen student families through prevention programming and adult educational opportunities.
  • We are pleased to announce the hiring of leadership staff! We welcome new 21st CCLC Program Director Rose McDonnell.

Rose is passionate about bringing the arts and humanities alive to children and adults alike. Her background is in theatre education, which she taught in both Chicago and Cape Cod for many years. She was a regular guest lecturer of a social justice series at a high school in Massachusetts. She is “thrilled” to be working with such “vibrant, creative kiddos and a dedicated staff of big hearts at MYC.”

When kids encourage one another at the youth center — cheering when someone masters a new skate trick, checking on each other when they fall — Rose knows without doubt that it’s an impactful, positive environment to watch children experiment and grow.

“I’m humbled by the love the kids show towards us and each other,” she says. “And I hope to grow with the organization until my hair turns white and beyond!”

We’ve seen such astounding results from our new 21st Century Community Learning Center. As the pandemic subsides, we will work to expand these opportunities to even more students!